Black Belt Essays


By Sempai Raul Gonzalez,

As a kid I always wanted to be a black belt, I never actually thought i would have the chance to earn a black belt better yet to be called a sempai. I would always see the kids that go to Karate and I would make fun of them, but now that I am part of what I was making fun of, I see karate in a completely different way. I am thankful that my mom and dad signed me up for karate at Zarko Academy with Shihan Raanan.

The road to becoming a black belt was not an easy one. I did not think it would take this long to take my black belt but that was mostly my fault, by missing belt tests. I still do not know if I am ready for my black belt test, but that is not my choice and I believe that Shihan Raanan knows what is best for me.

A Black Belts purpose is not to hold your pants up, but to show that you are a master in your art, and it is a great honor because not many people can stand up and say I am a black belt.


By Shane David Zeman

I've been going to karate school for three years and I've learned many things. Every class is hard work but fun too. I've learned to defend myself and others. Shihan Raanan pressures us to make us stronger so that one day we can defend ourselves and help other people.

I have made many new friends at Zarko Academy of all different ages. I cant wait to be called Sempai Shane Zeman. That will show that I have achieved a true black belt.


By, Thomas Tabone

I started karate in 2002 I was eight years old. It has been a great 4 years. I have learned a lot from Shihan Raanan. Karate has taught me to be self disciplined. It has been difficult yet rewarding. Karate has helped me stay in shape physically and mentally. I believe you can do well in karate if you constantly work hard and your best.

Shihan Raanan has been very patient with me and has been a great help for me in the world of karate. Sempai Thomas Tabone is something I look forward too.



By Antonio Oliveri

Karate is a very serious word to me. It means that I can focus on all my attention, and strength into the moves that I need to do. In the beginning of my training I was scared and very unsure of myself. My mom was very nervous for me, but I'm very grateful that she gave me the courage for me to continue. She gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed. I also thank my karate teacher, Shihan Raanan. He also makes learning fun.

When I do karate I feel strong, I feel like I have control of myself, I feel powerful and good of myself. Karate also taught to respect others. I'm very excited to be going for my black belt and to be called Sempai Antonio. I am nine years old now and I hope when I become a teenager my confidence in myself would be 100% when I become a black belt.

Maybe one day I can teach karate to kids and adults like Shihan Raanan.


By Seymone Ramos,

The black belt will change my life by starting me on a path of discipline, good health and strength. I would like to be a teacher like Shihan Raanan Zarko. The I learn the more I realize there is so much more I must learn. I also know that here at Zarko Academy I have the best teachers. Training at Zarko Academy has helped me at getting accepted to other teams and get rookie of the year trophy. I feel that I was able to accomplish these things because of the strength and character I learned with the help of my family and the Zarko Academy family. Being called Sempai Seymone is something I cant wait to be called.

I learned to have respect outside of Zarko Academy in my home and in my school. I've learned that respect at Zarko Academy. I also learned from Shihan Raanan that I can do anything as long as I put my mind into it. I've worked really hard to achieve my black belt. I feel that I have earned it.

Adult Program

Our adult classes will get you in the best shape of your life, while learning practical techniques. Learn how to defend yourself and enjoy the confidence that comes with that knowledge. Your life will be transformed into an amazingly energized and fulfilling every day life.

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Our Little Dragons Program is a direct continuation for the kids who have graduated from the Tiny Dragons Program and who have grown up to a more mature age of 5 - 8 years old.

Tiny Dragons Program

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